Bushido Warriors complete summer kids' Karate course in Backwell

14 July 2014

Backwell Karate Bushido Warriors complete summer Karate course Congratulations to the eight Backwell Karate Bushido Warriors who completed their 8-week Karate course for kids last Friday at our sister club in Backwell!

Children ranging from ages 5 to 7 took part, with some completely new to the course and others having taken part on either one or two courses previously.

Having now completed all three levels of the Bushido Warriors programme we are now delighted to welcome Oliver, Liam and Freddie into our main classes, where they'll join many of the other children who have previously graduated from the Warriors programme.

Backwell Karate are now accepting registrations for the Autumn/Winter Bushido Warriors course, which will commence on Friday 3rd October. This will once again run for eight weeks, with one week's break during the school half term holidays.

For more details, please visit the Backwell Karate Bushido Warriors page