Sensei Tim Griffiths passes 5th Dan

29 April 2014

Tim Griffiths with Sensei Sherry

On Sunday 27th April, Nailsea & Backwell Karate's chief instructor, Tim Griffiths, attended the first Special Dan Grade course of the year, held at Queen's Park Sports Centre in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

After a two hour training session, a grading for those attempting 3rd Dan and above took place. The grading panel was headed by Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) who was accompanied by Sensei Bob Poynton (8th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan). The grading was well-attended, with karateka from up and down the country taking their examinations.

After a long afternoon of gradings, Sensei Sherry announced the results, which included the promotion of Tim to the rank of Godan (5th Dan).

Tim would like to thank all those people that have supported him on the way to achieving this grade - whether through encouragement and moral support or technical guidance and looks forward to continuing to train hard and work with the club's team of instructors to support club members in achieving their own training goals.